Smart Cards is a leading payment provider specializing in small to mid-size retail processing. Our Executive Team has over 12 years of experience in the payment industry. We provide fast, secure and reliable solutions for all of your processing needs.


Next and Same Day Funding

*as late as 10 PM Eastern Time

EMV and Contactless Payments
Acceptance of all major credit cards

including Visa / MasterCard / Discover / American Express / UnionPay / PayPal / ApplePay / SamsungPay

Mobile Payments with EMV reader and pin based debit enabled
eDCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion)

the ability to make payments in the currency of the card

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Payments
eCommerce Verification Solutions
Point of Sale (POS) Systems
Talech iPad POS System
NCR Silver POS System
Poynt Smart Terminals

Our Offer to You

As a payment processor we are entirely focused on providing you with the best processing tools to streamline your day to day business operations. We strive to use new and emerging technologies to adapt the ever changing industry trends and help you achieve your financial goals. That’s why we created a program which empowers you to do more to save you time and money by offering you – a business owner – to become your own processing representative.

We will provide you the infrastructure and teach you how to price your own merchant account and in exchange we ask you to process with us by becoming our partner. We will give you the control of how to price your merchant account and we will share with you the profit it generates from the processing side. Our dedicated and knowledgeable Team will guide you through this exciting opportunity. Join us! Become our merchant partner and let’s build a relationship for years to come. If you do not process with us, we both are losing money!